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We are Multi-Hotel Booking Package Specialists, organizing personalized holidays
for independent travelers to Turkey, Greece and the Greek Islands. Our sphere of operations also includes the Italian Adriatic Ports, Cyprus and Lebanon. MAP

On each city page you will find details of recommended hotels, an inquiry form, transport connections between cities/islands, and next logical place suggestions.

In addition we can coordinate multi-hotel packages to include bookings for
 ferries, flights, local excursions and other tourism services.
Before you book any hotels:
For personal hotel booking services:
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Booking Direct versus Booking Through a Local Travel Agent in Turkey

You have enough stress the rest of the year, your holiday time should be worry free. There is no substitute for having a reliable local travel agency to call upon when things go wrong and you need help. This is especially important if your pre-bookings include other tourism related items such as local excursions, transportation and your holiday involves staying at more than one hotel.

We work closely with selected hotels in all the main tourist cities both in Turkey and Greece and we have many years experience arranging customized tours of Turkey and/or Greece. Together with our clients we put together tour packages that are:

  • Feasible
  • Practical
  • The most economical based on the budget available
  • Take account of distances between locations
  • Use available ferry routes
  • Use reliable hotels
  • Include local excursions
  • Recommend the best available transport options.

We are one of the biggest ferry booking agencies in Turkey and have details of all the best inter-Greek island connections.

Our tourism booking services cover every aspect of a holiday and we can make adjustments to your hotel bookings easily at any time, even while you are on holiday.

Letting us take care of all your bookings need not cost any more than booking direct with hotels, with the added bonus of having access to our 24/7 telephone backup service in English should you need help at any time while you are in Turkey or Greece.

You can also reduce the risks associated with making multiple online payments to many different companies by making a single payment by credit card, bank transfer or Western Union. Read More

Make Multiple Hotel Bookings and/or Other Tourism Services
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Personal hotel booking services mean: ONE agency, ONE payment, ONE contact and ONE call
to our 24/7 helpline [In English] if at any time while you are in Turkey or Greece you need help

By far the most popular accommodation option in Turkey and Greece is hotels, however we have a growing portfolio of recommended apartments and villas.


Greek Church on Nisyros by aegeantourtravel.comMany visitors to Turkey travel from Europe by ferry through Greece, also many tourists who come to Turkey from more distant countries like to take the opportunity to visit Greece.

We can make ferry, hotel and other tourism reservations in most major cities in Greece as well as on many of the popular Greek islands.

We have been arranging 'customized' tours of Turkey for our clients for over sixteen years and for over six years in Greece. Each tour itinerary we design together with our clients is adjustable in real time to accommodate any changes, even while you're on holiday.

Aegean Health Tourism Helpline
Our 24/7 helpline is available in English to all our clients while on holiday in Turkey and/or Greece



Planning a touring holiday in another country can be complicated and difficult. Especially when you don't speak the language and need help when things go wrong.

We specialize in customized touring holidays in Turkey, Greece and the Greek Islands. We have a database of recommended hotels and can provide advice on how to visit all the places you select based on the most efficient transport options available. We can also include local excursions.

We're here for you during the planning stage, we can make any or all your booking arrangements, we offer several ways to pay and we can alter and amend your itinerary at any time, even while you are on holiday.

This website includes all the main tourist resorts in Turkey and Greece. Each resort page includes details of recommended hotels, the transport options available between resorts and the next 'tour logical' resort.

To include transport or excursions, in a hotel booking inquiry Tap/Click the tile
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Click for flight information [new window]Turkey is easily accessible by air, by sea or overland. Most scheduled international flights to Turkey arrive into Istanbul airports.

From both Ataturk airport and Sabiha Gokcen airport there are there are frequent flights to Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman and Izmir every day, flight time is around one hour. There are daily flights between Athens, Istanbul and the Greek islands.

 Domestic Flights in Turkey and Greece

During the summer months there are charter flights direct to all the resort airports from many European cities. However, it is still worth checking scheduled flights with Turkish Airlines and other flagship carriers as they often now offer low cost options plus all the advantages of a scheduled flight.

Bodrum as well as several other Turkish Aegean Sea ports are now international ferry gateways for connections from Greece and mainland Europe.

There are regular scheduled ferry services from all the Italian Adriatic ports, from Athens and all the main Greek islands to the following Turkish resorts:

 Bodrum | Ayvalik | Kusadasi | Marmaris | Fethiye

Driving all the way from Europe to Turkey is a long and sometimes arduous journey. Also expensive when you take into account fuel, highway tolls and overnight hotels.

Despite many of the Eastern European countries now being in the EU, border crossings can still be time consuming and stressful. Best just to drive to one of the Italian ports and take a ferry the rest of the way.

 Ancona | Bari | Brindisi | Venice

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