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We can book any hotel, apartment or villa in Turkey, Greece and the Greek islands. Our Hotel Comparison-Search and Book-Online service also has access to thousands of hotels worldwide.

However, for the discerning traveler in Turkey and Greece we offer personalized booking services that can include hotels and other accommodation options that we recommend based on client feedback, reliability and consistently good service.

After the event, relax on a beachAs an experienced travel agency we can also incorporate hotel bookings with other tourism services into a single customized package.

To help with tour planning the tile links below are arranged roughly relative to each city/islands geographical location:

Our sphere of operations for ferries and hotels includes Italy, Greece, the Greek Islands, Turkey, Cyprus and Lebanon. The links below connect to recommended or 'port convenient' hotels at each location, plus some villas and apartments.
City location tiles are geographically relative.
Italy Greece    Turkey
                Cyprus Lebanon
Links go to accommodation information..

For those who travel to Turkey overland and/or by ferry from Europe, we can also make hotel reservations in most major cities in Greece as well as on the main Greek islands.

We have been arranging 'customized' tours of Turkey for our clients for over fifteen years and recently also in Greece. Together with our clients, each tour itinerary we design is adjustable in real time to accommodate any changes.

After the event, relax on a beachBy far the most popular accommodation option in Turkey is hotels, however we have a growing database of recommended apartments and villas.



Aegean Health Tourism Helpline
Our 24/7 helpline is available in English to all our clients while on holiday in Turkey and/or Greece

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