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Hotel Directory Turkey is wholly owned and operated by Aegean Tour Travel, a fully registered Turkish travel agency based in the Aegean resort of Bodrum.

Hotel Directory Turkey was one of the first hotel booking websites on the Internet in Turkey, founded at a time when very few hotels in Turkey had a website of their own.

The Internet is a perfect medium for comparing hotels quickly and making reservations and the way that hotel bookings are made on the Internet continues to evolve.

There are now many hotel booking portals, mostly operated by software engineers who more often than not have never visited the countries in which they operate. Online booking engines have their place, but when things go wrong it is usually very difficult to find someone to talk to. Contact links on these websites are virtually non-existent.

Personal Hotel Reservation and Booking Services

The recent re-launch of our Hotel Directory Turkey provides not only a 'worldwide hotels search' and 'online booking facility, but also the opportunity to let us do everything for you based on our substantial listing of recommended hotels in Turkey, Greece and the Greek islands.

We also include convenient hotels for travelers to and from ferry the following ferry ports:
ITALY Venice, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi.
CYPRUS Girne [Kyrenia].

On receipt of a completed hotel request form our reservation services include:

Because we are also a travel agency hotel bookings can form part of an overall holiday package including airport transfers, car rental, excursions, ferries and flights.

Aegean Health Tourism Helpline 
Personal hotel booking services mean: ONE agency, ONE payment, ONE contact and ONE call
to our 24/7 helpline [In English] if at any time while you are in Turkey or Greece you need help


Bodrum Castle

A visit to Bodrum's Castle of St Peter is a must-see in Bodrum, many visitors are surprised to find such an interesting blend of ancient and modern behind its imposing stone walls.

Bodrum Castle adds a measure of somber sophistication to an otherwise busy, cosmopolitan and vibrant city.

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