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Turkish Food

A Feast Awaits

What a wonderful mixture of cooking styles exist within Turkish cuisine. Due to its geographical location, Turkey, nestled between Asia and Europe, produces dishes that are a unique and exotic fusion with influences from many countries.

Since the days of the Ottoman empire, Turkey has been a center for trade, especially in spices. The Ottoman chefs borrowed, adapted and perfected dishes from many other cuisines. The results of this distillation spread far beyond its borders with Turkish style pastries using filo pastry and nuts being used in many neighboring countries.

Turkish cuisine makes use of a variety of spices in many dishes and has popularized the method of grilling food over charcoal.

'Yogurt' is a Turkish word and perhaps her most famous contribution to world cuisine. Olive oil production is thousands of years old, an essential part of the whole Mediterranean cooking culture.

Turkish Country Cooking Course [from Bodrum]

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